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Hey there! I'm Kerry.

Big nerd, writer, and compassion-first editor.

Kerry C. Byrne is an award-nominated editor, writer, and community organizer living in Toronto, Ontario. They are the CEO of the Augur Magazine Literary Society, where they are the Publisher for Augur Magazine and Tales and Feathers Magazine, as well as the Co-Director of AugurCon, a Canadian speculative fiction event.

Kerry takes on limited editorial projects, working on short fiction, novelettes and novellas with work they can really sink their teeth into. Their approach is compassion-based and author-centric, focused on empowering writers to create stories that feel powerfully authentic. If you'd like to work with them, you can request a quote.

An illustration for Kerry C Byrne's story, The Doors That Do Not Open. A person is surrounded by fra

The Doors That Do Not Open | THIS Magazine

I always knew Elliott would leave. I was never under the impression I got to keep him forever. And besides—I’m not that kind of selfish. Sometimes, it almost felt like I should have chased him away early. Kept him from wasting his time on me.

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