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Best Related Work, Augur Magazine (Nomination)

2021 Aurora Awards

Best Fan Related Work, AugurCon (Nomination)

2021 Aurora Awards

Notable Story of 2020, The Doors That Do Not Open

Best Canadian Stories 2021

Best Related Work, Augur Magazine (Nomination)

2020 Aurora Awards

Pushcart Nominee for The Temz Review, NOVUS (Nomination)

Pushcart Prize, 2019



The inaugural AugurCon aims to provide an inclusive virtual space to showcase North American speculative fiction creators

Quill & Quire

On Speculative Fiction: An Interview with Augur Mag

Room Magazine

Promoting “Canadian speculative fiction”: two U of T alumni discuss running literary magazine

The Varsity

Six Questions for Kerry C. Byrne, Editor-in-Chief, Augur Magazine

Six Questions For

An Interview with the Editors of Augur Magazine

A.C. Wise

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