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Who is Kerry?

Kerry's been writing since they could string words together, and started building literary community when they were 15 in GaiaOnline roleplay forums. For them, writing has never been a solitary act, and community remains a crucial part of their artistic practice.

Their work has been published in Fantasy Magazine, THIS Magazine, The Temz Review and others. They write fiction and, to their shock, poetry. They have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and were a Notable Writer in the 2021 Best Canadian Fiction anthology. You can see their full list of publications on this page.

In 2016, Kerry drummed up the idea for a little litmag called Augur Magazine. Augur launched in 2017, and has since received nods and nominations from the Aurora Awards, Nebula Readling List, Sunburst Awards, and Locus Awards. In 2022, Kerry also launched Tales & Feathers Magazine, a sibling magazine to Augur that published (quite) short slice of life fantasy fiction.

Starting in 2020, they also became the Co-Director of AugurCon, a Canadian event for speculative fiction. AugurCon received nominations from the Aurora Awards and The Stabby Awards, and will continue on a biannual basis.

When they aren't editing, writing, or organizing literary events, Kerry is generally found a) cuddling their cats, b) planning endless D&D sessions, and c) binging (and crying over) Kdramas.

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