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Fiction Publications

Treesong for a Sun-Touched Tuesday, Solarpunk Magazine

“What do you hear, Emmity?”

Renna’s voice in my ear, annoyingly calm. Like a twinkle of bells, alight on a summer’s breeze. Together, we’re poised before the oldest tree in the academy’s sun-bright rooftop garden—it stretches tall above me, an oaken god a hundred feet tall and ages old. As old as the academy itself. Renna’s hand is on my back, a soothing pressure, as I press the pads of my fingers to tree bark. My eyes drift shut.

March 2023

Her House There By The Mountain, Kaleidotrope

January 2021

Anet stands at the head of the grave pit where they’ll bury the box: six inches by six inches. Her head is bowed, her lips glued shut in mourning and her feet a shoulder’s width apart. Around her buzz the whispers of the funeral crowd. The mourners shuffle into one another as they inch closer, trying to see the burial. Behind her, Petir wails loudly.

The Doors That Do Not Open, THIS Magazine

I always knew Elliott would leave. I was never under the impression I got to keep him forever. And besides—I’m not that kind of selfish. Sometimes, it almost felt like I should have chased him away early. Kept him from wasting his time on me.

July 2020

NOVUS, The Temz Review

May 2018

“The phantoms are cold tonight,” I say.

Ma sticks her finger in her mouth, sucking on it ‘cause she touched the pan while it was hot with the devil’s wit. “Worse than usual?”

“I guess.”

Shadows & Preserves, The Spectatorial


The market comes every summer. It comes in the murky heat with its bustling customers and boisterous farmers until the town jostles with conversation. And, every summer, the girl's family makes preserves to sell at the market—jars and jars of them, until their store room is full to the brim with bright red and deep plum jars.

Cigarette Girl & The Matchmaker, The Hart House Review


A retelling of Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Match Girl as a story about a young woman escaping an abusive relationship. It is not available online.

Poetry Publications


Wraith, Monstering Magazine


A Fancy for Feathers, The Spectatorial


The Knight's Inn, The Spectatorial


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